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Report Rogue Vendors and Scams

You can simply go directly to the Report A Reseller page to report scam vendors and rogue vendors or first read below to understand why this is necessary.

Report A Reseller

We have a business to run, reputation to keep, and above all clients to satisfy. Customer satisfaction is the reason we authorised re-sellers all-round the globe to help re-distribute our products for us. However, if you have had a bad experience with a reseller we give you the opportunity to report them to us. We shall dedicate time to investigate and resolve issues or suspend the re-seller’s license if they are NOT willing to cooperate. In extreme cases, we shall take legal action.

It has come to our attention that some re-sellers (and even individuals) water down our products and offer them at a cheaper rate just to attract more clients. If you buy from such people and actually receive the product, you might be satisfied at first but we assure you that you have wasted money since watered down Ayurvedic Urea won’t work as expected.

You are advised not only to keep away from such, but also to report them to us so that ensure that no one else falls victim to them.

Please go to the Report A Reseller page to report scam vendors and rogue vendors.