Ayurvedic Urea Official


We have acquired more than 90% of all Ayurvedic Urea “mines” in Ayurveda, leaving about 10% in the control of the indigenous population. Consequently we are the leading authority in this groundbreaking discovery, the only medication that effectively increases the height of an individual without complex surgeries and unforeseen health risks and effects.

Let no one deceive you that they have an “unlimited” supply of Ayurvedic Urea. The primary reason this product is very expensive is because the herbs can NOT be grown. They simply choose where to grow naturally, unique locations in Ayurveda, and the only thing a “manufacturer” can do is to protect them from destruction. Any attempt to harvest and mass grow them produces herbs with entirely different compositions.

Every attempt to harvest and mass grow Ayurvedic Urea in a controlled/artificial environment has failed. Just as captivity breeding for some endangered animal species failed in past leading to their extinction, Ayurvedic Urea plants face seem to be facing the same threat. This however is a good fight we must win. That’s why we continue investing heavily in research to make sure the plant is not only saved from extinction, but can be mass grown and the price brought down to a fairly affordable amount.

We harvest the herbs sustainably and process them into liquid and powder medication. We do NOT sell Ayurvedic Urea pills. Currently there is not verified procedure for compressing Ayurvedic Urea into pill form without tampering with its composition and rendering it ineffective in increasing height. Any Ayurvedic Urea Pills offer is definitely a scam.