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Nature may predetermine a significant portion of your height, but you may influence your height through Ayurvedic Urea. Studies show that being taller will improve your self-confidence and mental health, and even affect your earning power -- an additional $789 per year for each inch of your height, according to the work of University of Florida’s Timothy Judge.  If you are of average height, you might want to grow taller for any other reasons. Your search stops here. Buy genuine Ayurvedic Urea from us.

AyurvedicUreaOfficial.com is the official vendor of Ayurvedic Urea, the most effective grow taller (height increase) medication known to man. Although Ayurvedic Urea is expensive, it should be noted that this product has no rival since there is yet no medication that actually increases human height when they go above a certain age except for complex surgical procedures. Why go for these procedures which are less effective, yet more expensive and have multiple side effects? Get genuine and safe Ayurvedic Urea.

Excessive growth hormones do NOT work as expected. Most people who do not have accurate knowledge on the science of growth start taking an excess of growth hormones as soon as they realise they are not happy with their height and want to grow taller. Excessive exposure to growth hormone can cause giantism, a rare disease that begins in childhood or adolescence. There are several medications that promise to increase your height but so far, only Ayurvedic Urea delivers its promise.

If you’re buying Ayurvedic Urea through a third party, request for the Unique Identifier Code (UIC) and Serial Number, then proceed to the Vendor Verification page and use those details to verify the vendor and the product. Our verification system will verify the authenticity of the vendor (authorised or unauthorised) and their license (valid or revoked). Our authorised resellers gain a commission for re-distributing Ayurvedic Urea products. However if you have any doubts, simply buy from us directly!

Beware of too good to be true offers. We have suspended the licenses of some resellers known for watering down products and offering them at extremely cheap rates. To be on the safe side just order high quality Ayurvedic Urea from us directly. Our most recommended form of Ayurvedic Urea is Ayurvedic Urea Powder but we also offer the Liquid to the general public. Ayurvedic Urea herbs are NOT for public sale. They are available only to highly trained vendors who have the ability to process them.